1. disneychick23:

    Watching “Girl Meets World” and I can only really focus on is the fact that my aunt recently let me know that I’m related to this kid who plays Lucas

    Memo to me, he’s my second cousin once removed 😁

    I managed to snag Mulan and Shang yesterday, hurray! I opened up the box and adjusted them a little! It was scary, but fun! Of course now I can’t get the plastic case to settle all the way back in, but hey, they look cute, right? :)

  2. stitchkingdom:

    .@disneybaby its a small world sweatshirt

    Why isn’t this big enough for me *tears*

    (via meganleahprice)

  3. Guess who’s Mickey’s Halloween Party picture was also used in a Disney quiz today!!! So excited!!!

  4. I think that we all know that the real reason for the whole Alex Trebeck mustache drama is him trying to make the future as seen in Pepper Ann plausible.

  5. Guess who was on Disney’s Style Blog!!! #disneyside #mickeyshalloweenparty #Cinderella #Uglystepsisters @802beck @amymweston

  6. meganleahprice:

    How can you not be in love with Paradise Pier.

  7. I just did something really weird (but hopefully really sweet) and feel super awkward about it…. But it’s already done and there’s nothing I can do about it, so…. I guess I just live with it haha

    Figured I should post all the pics I took of the Disney Fairytale Designer Couples part 2! I’m planning to purchase Mulan and Shang, hopefully the raffle will go my way!

    I visited the Disney Store today, and figured I probably wasn’t the only one who wanted a look at the other side of Cinderella so I snagged these pics!