1. Would it be weird if I created a blog where I make up backstories for Disney characters that really need them? Haha

    But seriously, I’ve been making up back stories for the single parents in Sofia the First… I need help lol

    Mary Blair’s concept art for Peter Pan!! As well as some photographs of the animation references used for it!

    Mary Blair’s concept art for Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella! As well as vintage posters for these two movies as well!

  2. My Frozen Coronation shoes together! I wish I had done the design on Anna’s a little bigger, but overall I think they look great together!

    So, since the Walt Disney Family Museum was celebrating Mary Blair, I naturally wore my Small World shoes! I took a few fun pics of them, and the museum worker asked if he could take a picture of them!

    I love It’s a Small World, and Mary Blair! I wanted to steal that penguin!

    We went to the Walt Disney Family Museum to see their special Magic, Color, Flair: The World of Mary Blair Exhibit! The walls of the exhibit had quotes by/about Mary Blair, as well as cute Mary style sketches! I took pictures of a few of my favorites!

    This is like my favorite thing ever. I need to find me a man with a dozen Oscars haha

    When I went to the Walt Disney Family Museum last weekend, they let us take (non-flash) pictures! I took well over 20 of this (freaking awesome) model of Disneyland that they have there! I could probably sit and stare at it for hours!

    Finished up my Elsa shoe!!! Hurray! So much tiny detail work! I’m not skilled at it! It was a struggle! (The diamonds on the tongue are super wonky darn things!) Can’t wait to wear these! (When the weather cools down, too hot for shoes and socks these days!)